* Please note that due to the current volume of orders your order may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Replacement/Refund Policy

While we (Those Terrain Guys) want every order to be perfect, mistakes can happen from time to time. We can offer replacement/refund only for your orders if there are order mistakes. If you are submitting a replacement request, please be sure to include photo evidence of your product in your order. If an order is replaced with upgraded shipping, we do not cover the cost of upgraded shipping. The cost of upgraded shipping will be covered by you.

There’s are the only situations where we will cover a replacement or refund on your purchase:

1. If there is a manufacturing issue with your product in your order.
2. If the product in your order is broken or damaged in the mail.
3. If you receive the wrong product in your order.
4. Your order has been lost in transit and all efforts have been made by you to locate and receive the order.

Please note that we do not otherwise cover any Replacement/Refund of an item.

Exchange Policy

We does not offer exchanges for products that are ordered and received. We do not have an inventory of products and due to the one-off nature of print on demand, we do not maintain stock to exchange items.

Bulk Discount Policy

We does not provide bulk discounts for either product or shipping costs. We also do not offer wholesaling services in terms of bulk orders being broken down for resale. If you place a bulk order, the order will be shipped out in a single box (if possible) or will be consolidated into multiple boxes depending on the size of the order.